Q&A about The Demon in Business Class

Let’s talk about The Demon in Business Class!

The Demon in Business Class is a modern fantasy about two people, Zarabeth and Gabriel. They each find a place in the world, a secret magic, where they fit, but they also find each other — and they can’t have both.

It’s also a story of hidden international conspiracies, set in multiple countries around the world — a supernatural corporate thriller love story.

So what does the demon do in Business Class?

The demon gives Zarabeth just one power: it lets her speak and understand all languages. Imagine what you could do with that! Of course, it has a cost… but it lets Zarabeth cause a lot of problems, in many countries. Which she enjoys.

Gabriel’s a psychic sensitive to evil. When we meet him he doesn’t understand that, so mostly he gets into fights. He tamps down on a lot of his power to manage it, but that isn’t working any more. He has to find another way to be.

What’s the conspiracy?

That would be telling! On the back of the book, I share this much: Zarabeth is working to start a war. Gabriel is trying to stop one. It’s a big thing, though, and neither has anything close to all the information.

Demon is a stand-alone novel, and in fantasy at least, that’s not common. Why did you write it that way?

It’s the story, finally. The characters change. Not all their problems are solved, of course, and they have some new ones, but this is a time in their lives they live through.

Plus, I like an ending.

I think readers like an ending too! Before the pandemic, I promoted the book at literary festivals and comic-cons. I’m trying to find my best audience, so I would say up-front it was a stand-alone. I was surprised by how positive a response I got. Readers would talk about how they got tired of waiting for the next book, or how they also liked to have something to mix in between long series, like watching a movie between bingeing shows.

This one novel is also a tremendous journey – a dozen countries and a large cast of characters, from the viewpoints of two distinctive characters, with some big ideas, told crisply and with style.

Will you write another book with these characters?

Hmmm… I have no plans. Of course, I have some ideas!

Enough characters are alive at the end that their story could continue, and while the main characters get to a different place in their lives, the conspiracies continue too.

I have no plans, though. I have other books to write first.

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