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People eat in a garden, oblivious

Older words for the Internet

This faith, in the inherent goodness of understanding, has made wonder and amazement and fantasy and miracle, as nouns and adjectives, all upbeat in our time. We might want to revisit that.

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Man reading phone by tree, unaware of the world

How writers read (sometimes)

I have no forethought, only an inadvertent method-acting, the way that some travelers unthinkingly restyle their hair to local norms. I really don’t know myself, at all. Existential panic notwithstanding, it’s a huge timesaver.

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Q&A about The Demon in Business Class

Let’s talk about The Demon in Business Class! The Demon in Business Class is a modern fantasy about two people, Zarabeth and Gabriel. They each find a place in the world, a secret magic, where they fit, but they also find each other — and …

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