The Demon in Business Class

Demon cover

She can speak all languages. He can smell evil intent.
They’re enemies. They crave each other.

Zarabeth travels the world for a shady executive, laying the groundwork for global war.

Gabriel offers a second chance to the criminals that a visionary leader sees in dreams.

One rainy night in Scotland, they meet…

Now it’s complicated.

There’s also the investigator, the witch, the playboy, the gangster, the cultist, the pre-school teacher, the two angels…

And the demon.

A crisp, tense, international modern fantasy


“If William Gibson wrote paranormal … weaves the dark worlds of the occult and big business into an intoxicating tale.” — D. J. Butler, author of Witchy Eye

“Creative spark? Anthony Dobranski ignites a creative bonfire … A masterwork of invention.”  — Mary Kay Zuravleff, author of Man Alive!

“A swank cocktail of international intrigue, steeped in the supernatural, mixed with literary flair …. sytlish and sexy, so sleek it flies off the page.”
— Zach Powers, author of First Cosmic Velocity

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