The White Lake

The White Lake is a short science-fiction novel by Anthony Dobranski.

What’s it about?

In an extreme-sports boomtown, 
On the shores of a toxic waste that endlessly makes diamonds, 
A high-class empath sex worker discovers a conspiracy that could change the world — 
And that he himself is the key to it. 

A fast ride to a strange future–
A story of survival and hope told with style and brio–
The White Lake
It’s gorgeous. It’s deadly. It’s got robots. 

Tell me more about it

Alas you can’t read it yet! It’s seeking publication.

This site is about the novel and about its world. No excerpts, but the history, geography, ridiculously dangerous life, and culture of the best-built fictional world ever.


It’s been great fun to step back from the story, and just be a travel guide to Pest and the White Lake. Come visit, have some mycobeer, and spend some time in the worst and richest place in the world. I hope you relish it.

I’ve divided this area into two sections: 

Welcome to the White Lake, a small wiki for the world of the novel,
Writing the White Lake, about the book’s creative and professional progress. 

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