Terézváros and the Great Inlet

map detail showing Terézváros

Terézváros is a small peninsula that hangs like a fat uvula in the mouth of the Great Inlet. Dömötör’s Tale accurately notes Terézváros’s low population due to unsuitable ground for larger buildings, and that many wealthy residents of Pest lived in hidden suites in the older neighborhoods, maintaining a camouflage of ruin. 

Terézváros’s minimal treatment in Dömötör’s Talebelies its huge importance as a way station. Pest was too ruined and broken for motorized vehicles. The only reliable cargo transport was by air via szálbot—who dealt with smugglers as with anyone, for diamonds, but couldn’t carry as much as a person. Couriers wearing packs and carrying litters under sword guard ran day and night from the tunnel exits at the edge of the Soft Lands, from Sloppy Kiss and eastern Kerepesi Street. The shape of the Great Inlet takes litters on detours of several kilometers. Hiring skaters to carry packs and occasional litters a few hundred meters across the Great Inlet sped deliveries.

Though the Great Inlet’s name and location suggest an importance, its western shoreline is too shallow to let skaters launch or land. Much of it is used for trash disposal.