Pest residences

There are natives—anyone here before the Lake—who have places they live in the many Lakeside buildings that survived the Lake. The rest were squatted by beachcombers until skating displaced them. There are still private businesses that run functional apartments. There are also the newly printed domes managed by the szálbots, who deal fairly and keep the places clean, but don’t haggle and don’t accept late payments. Most skaters direct their winnings to their lodgings first. You can live longer in Pest without water than without a roof at night. 

Skating stars have the financing to acquire and modify whole buildings to offer teams room and board, known as “dormitories.” They will also offer basement mats to auditioning Hands. 

The standard apartment in Pest buildings printed after the White Lake formed is the three-cube, a three meter cube. 

The entrance end contains a small kitchen and small bath. After that, 3 sq meters space to lounge, then a double bunk with shelves and cabinets. 

 (Fun fact – the three-cubes are the central space in what is structurally a hexagonal cylinder. The cylinders are stacked like a honeycomb. The portions of the hexagon outside the cube hold ducts, plumbing, power, etc.)