Map detail showing Ferencváros

Ferencváros is almost an island, but a short narrow land bridge connects it to the land south of Sloppy Kiss. While this let it be livable in the days before filament bridges, it also made it undesirable. It was also unsuitable for skating launches, with only a small beach on its northeast shore near water dense enough with Lakeskin to support a skater.

Ferencváros has other draws, enough to maintain the bridges to it. Its proximity to the automated mycoslop factories on Mushroom Island supports a complex of tented food stalls offering various styles of food. It also hosts one of Pest’s popular bars, the train-yard biergarten unofficially known as Holocaust Beach.

Its biggest economic engine, however, is secure lodging. As skating grew in wealth, executives and athlete representatives needed to be able to visit over days (and sometimes wanted to, for the pleasures available in a lawless zone). Enterprising smugglers diversified into managing first basic then more luxurious compounds.