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  • A Valentine to The Alexandria Quartet

    A Valentine to The Alexandria Quartet

    In this season of love, I’m posting Valentines to artistic inspirations for my own novel, The Demon in Business Class. Today, Lawrence Durrell’s The Alexandria Quartet!

  • A Valentine to Farscape

    A Valentine to Farscape

    In this season of love, every day this week I’m posting Valentines to inspirations for my novel, The Demon in Business Class. This is the first.

  • The first idea

    The idea for The Demon in Business Class came at a weird time. I had a good job, opening overseas offices for the internet company AOL. I had just finished a six-month stint in Tokyo, a life-changing and confidence-building experience. I was waiting to start my upcoming assignment in Sydney — waiting far longer than…

  • BIG NEWS! A new edition of The Demon in Business Class!

    The Demon in Business Class gets a gorgeous new edition in May 2020! Sign up to get an Advance Review Copy!

  • On being good at sales

    I am a fierce fan of my stuff. It’s not for everyone, but it’s for more than might initially see themselves buying it.

  • My first interview!

    I got to talk about my upcoming novel The Demon in Business Class with the great guys at B&M Baked Podcast. We discuss the story, the background, the editing process, support from other writers, and even the convention-sales business model. My five-minute interview starts at timecode 30:21 – or listen to the whole thing, to hear from many…

  • Writer vs author (social media)

    This is a post about web marketing and how I am working through mine. TL;DR – avoid mistaking writer for author, mistaking content for news.

  • 3 final notes on “matriarchy”

    I am letting go of the topic I began this year with, the coming parity between the sexes. I don’t have enough to say yet. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves. Parting thoughts: violence, revenge, the plan ahead.

  • Dark Consciousness

    I have decided to come clean. I am not an atheist. People who note the Abrahamic and Gothic mythologies behind my novel might be a little surprised to hear I ever thought I was an atheist. Thing is, they’re my mythologies too. I’m as entitled to use them to tell my difficult tales as the…