The Demon in Business Class

New edition May 2020!


She can speak all languages. He can smell evil intent.
They’re enemies. They crave each other.

A shady executive hires Zarabeth Battrie to start the next global war, giving her a demon that speaks all languages. But other people know more about her job than she does….

A resolute investigator recruits Gabriel Archer to use his emerging psychic powers, for a visionary leader who turns others from evil. As his senses develop, his doubts grow…

When they meet by chance in Scotland, passion becomes fragile love, until the demon’s betrayal drives Gabriel away. Before Zarabeth’s revenge destroys the visionary’s plans, Gabriel must stop her — for both to survive, neither can win.

A stylish novel with wit and edge, The Demon in Business Class is an international story of fantasy, intrigue, and love, set on the uneasy ground where the human meets the divine.

“If William Gibson wrote paranormal … weaves the dark worlds of the occult and big business into an intoxicating tale” — D. J. Butler, author of Witchy Eye

“Creative spark? Anthony Dobranski ignites a creative bonfire … A masterwork of invention.”  — Mary Kay Zuravleff, author of Man Alive!

New Cover Revealed April 13!