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  • Newest blog post!

    Newest blog post!

    My Valentines

  • Video – The Book Break

    Host Melissa Martinez interviews me about Demon, my Tarot, and more!

  • From the vaults…

    January 2021 – this month’s selection from the vaults is one of my most popular posts, from 2012, about my spiritual beliefs – Dark Consciousness I have decided to come clean. I am not an atheist. People who note the Abrahamic and Gothic mythologies behind my novel might be a little surprised to hear I…

  • Excerpt – Chapter 8

    In this excerpt from The Demon in Business Class, Gabriel and his boss try to recruit a criminal with a secret hobby, and a special talent… from Chapter 8 – San Francisco In the silent dim gray, the limousine’s facing benches seemed less car than train. Gabriel remembered long rides in Russia, bundled up in…

  • Excerpt – Chapter 12

    In this excerpt from The Demon in Business Class, in a hotel bar in Aberdeen, Scotland, two people meet cute … not so cute. Chapter 12 — Aberdeen Gosh she was pretty. “The bartender comes and goes,” Gabriel told her. “He helps in the kitchen.” Her face was a tangram of sharp ellipses: pointed chin,…

  • Excerpt – Chapter 1

    Begin at the beginning! In this opening excerpt from The Demon in Business Class, meet Zarabeth, who both sinks and rises when her office gives her bad news… APRIL 2009BANKRUPTCY – You Need Help Chapter 1 — Washington, DC In the fake-oak-paneled conference room, Zarabeth Battrie found a dozen others standing. All looked wilted and…

  • Demon +

    Demon +

    homepage link to Demon + page

  • On This Site

    On This Site

    There’s more than just my novel! Interviews, essays, tech articles, and other great reads.

  • A Tarot for Success

    A Tarot for Success

    Check out my original modern Tarot deck – See your present, change your future!

  • Excerpt – Chapter 31

    In this excerpt from The Demon in Business Class, Zarabeth is sent to Las Vegas after surviving an encounter with angels. Turns out, there are side effects — but an immortal is willing to guide Zarabeth to her next adventure… from Chapter 31 – Las Vegas At eight-thirty Zarabeth sat at a small piano bar…