Újlipótváros & Lipotváros

Map of northern pest including Újlipótváros and Lipotváros

No place was spared by the Lake, but these two districts, home to the ruined and rocketed Országház parliamentary palace but also the many government buildings and lobbying firms, had comparatively large sections left undisturbed by the Lake. They have found ready occupants in the growing teams of skaters, the only groups with both the numbers and the need to clear out whole building floors.

Újlipótváros is home to Visegrádi Shoreline, a popular launch for teams despite its distance from the Bowl. 

Lipotváros is home to two Pest landmarks: One Hour Shoes, Pest’s small-scale printing service; and “Bucktooth,” a point at the south end of the peninsula rumored to be where István died.