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  • Revolutionary atheists vs Stockholm syndrome (John Gray)

    Esteemed cosmologist, and my old friend, Andrew Jaffe just posted a quick retort on his blog to a long essay by philosopher John Gray. Gray has an objection to the strident challenging tone of modern atheist thought-leaders like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. I am not the scientist Andrew Jaffe is, and I was hopeful that…

  • 3 final notes on “matriarchy”

    I am letting go of the topic I began this year with, the coming parity between the sexes. I don’t have enough to say yet. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves. Parting thoughts: violence, revenge, the plan ahead.

  • Jesus’s wife and the weirdness of patriarchy

    So Jesus might have been married. Whoop-de-do. Son of a God who never picked a female prophet; who never chose a female disciple; who didn’t seem to think it a big deal to have his feet anointed by a woman’s hair — would have made a difference if he were married? Maybe it would have.…