The Cooperative Spiders (work in progress)

Skate the White Lake for fame and sponsorship!
If you fall – your last day, a diamond.

In the White Lake that once was Budapest, microscopic robots consume greenhouse gases, and anything else that falls in, to make the diamonds that endlessly wash ashore.

Wealthy enough to survive Greater Russia’s embargo, Pest is a lawless boomtown of smugglers, dissidents, flying AI taxibots, and skaters, who jump and spin in maglev boots on the deadly Lake, for satellite audiences seeking elegance and horror.

Dömötör is a Lover, a high-class empath/sex-worker trained to intuit and mimic anyone’s ideal partner. His clients are skaters, smugglers, artists, rich tourists, and the clannish engineers who keep Pest alive on the White Lake’s waste heat and steam.

But the Lake is changing, active in ways it has never been. Dömötör feels one of his clients is behind it – but which one, and why? Will they destroy the Lake, his prison and his hope, or unleash it on the world?

When Dömötör finds out the truth, will he try to stop it, or try to help?