Demon Character Profiles

Meet the principal characters of The Demon in Business Class!


She would be a dragon. Make them clear a path.

Zarabeth Battrie is a short, slender, brown woman in her late 20s. Sharp and aggressive, she likes travel, not vacation; she doesn’t socialize but enjoys collaborating. No interest in culture, art, reading, or movies. Music is a background for her. She likes to look good, to attract positive attention, but she isn’t showy. Her relaxation is sex, sleep or intoxicants – but her mother is an alcoholic so she knows the buzz can turn on her. Maybe that’s part of the fun. She trusts her body more than her brain. Touch and feel are her sixth sense.




Last year, the picture of forthrightness. Now he fronted anything.

Gabriel Archer is a medium-height white brunet man in his early 30s. Despite a decade of sobriety, he still feels his angry brawling youth, and a sense of missing something from it. Purpose? Satisfaction? Maybe both. He isn’t motivated by money or by leisure, but the world of the spirit always sounds empty to him. He longs for problems to fix. He believes in the social good of business, the value of exchange, of laws and rules. He likes speed, pushing himself on his bike, driving fast cars on empty roads — but, under control. He mistrusts his body, even when it’s right. Smell is his sixth sense.




I have studied power for decades. Why don’t I feel ready?

Missy Devereaux is a tall, white, heavily-freckled white woman in her late 20s, currently with red hair. She’s a wealthy town-and-country gal who loves cities, but her hidden truth is older and stranger: she’s the future ruler of an ancient matriarchal witch coven. This defines her life, but, she’s not excited about it. She likes business, likes winning without sorcery and not by decree. She seeks a new path, with just the power and none of the responsibility. She only has five senses, all very sharp, especially when the moon is out.


Walt image


I wish to feel my peak again. Not just caffeinated but energized.

Walt Wisniewski is a big, tall, deeply-tanned white man in his late 30s. The tech business he built and sold gave him wealth and leisure, showing him the world then letting him live atop it. Now life is fun, with sports and parties, but maybe too easy. He wants to use his skills and drive in a new way. Someone to do it with, too. Plenty of people look good. Few impress him. Nature abhors a vacuum, he knows that. He doesn’t know he’s the vacuum. He has no sixth sense, but he has luck.



‘Win-win.’ I hate that phrase. It’s not winning if no one loses.

Magda Crane is a tall, pale white woman, apparently in her early 70s. Sometimes she seems younger, sometimes far older. Though old for the corporate world, she is still vigorous, determined, and powerful. Also, shady. She dresses well, but doesn’t try to look young. She comes off as a little quaint and dotty, before she guts you. She’s well ahead of you. Hearing is her sixth sense.


Bill image


I’m a very tense fellow. I go to church twice a week, the shooting range more.

Bill Thorn is a medium-height, fit Black man in his 40s. He has a measured approach, cautious, like he is the bull in his own china shop. He knows a lot, but plays his knowledge close to his vest. Is it a lack of trust, or simply that he knows others have to come to understanding without being told? Sight is his sixth sense. He has seen a lot with it. Maybe too much.


The Polyglot Demon


Any roadside convenience store has a sign in the window: GIRL MISSING.

It lives inside Zarabeth, and lets her speak all languages. It was made from a woman’s soul. But it’s just an app now. Really.

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