AwesomeCon DC 2016 – this weekend!

AwesomeCon is a large fan convention in Washington DC this weekend, focused on visual media – this year especially, it’s a Whovians paradise. Are you going?
Saturday will just be splendid fun, but the Friday and Sunday sessions have several good panels for my booklife.
I’m hoping to see: Comics in WWII, Giant Robots, Strong Women Characters, Nanobots – which together cover my debut novel, my serial novel, and my crazy SF work-in-progress – and attend at least one of the marketing panels.
This is my first con since my book deal. I want to network with likely readers – one panel openly invites it – and I couldn’t ignore that my business cards listed only my email and address, likely the only ways no one will ever again contact me professionally.
Last night, I skipped some needed sleep, and made a new business card with my social media logins and the announcement of the forthcoming book. Of course I would need a printer that could do the cards in one business day. It was a gamble that all the gushing Yelp reviews for DC printer Base Camp were right – and they were.
Now I have fifty good cards for the weekend. Here’s hoping I have fewer Sunday night.
See you at AwesomeCon this weekend!

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